May 12

Break The Fast London: beautiful and well crafted breakfast/brunch dishes


Delightful breakfast and brunch joint with American and Caribbean inspired dishes on the menu.

Location: Catford, South East London

Price: Brunch and breakfast dishes start from £12. 

My order: The Works (£13.50), Ackee and Saltfish (£12)

Contact: | @breakthefastlondon

*PR collab/gifted*

Break The Fast London is a breakfast and brunch takeaway service located in Catford. Described as 'comfort food from different corners of the world' by the restaurant, the menu offers a well-crafted selection of fusion dishes with extras to suit your food palate. The food can also be ordered online/via Deliveroo from surrounding areas. Please note they are only open on the weekends from 10AM to 2PM. 

break the fast london
break the fast london

I have to say, it is by God's grace that I was in the area and able to try the food here and I don't say this lightly but the two dishes I was gifted were both 10/10. Amazing. Faultless. I decided to try The Works and Ackee and Saltish as both are two of the most popular dishes on the menu. One of the first things that I noticed was the amazing presentation of the food (as you can see in the images above). All the compartments of the meal were laid out perfectly. 


The Works includes either mini pancakes or french toast topped with fresh fruit (I chose pancakes), maple syrup, seasoned house baked beans, hash browns, scrambled egg, Turkey bacon and sausage. There is a pork option available for the latter two. I really appreciated the option to order turkey instead of pork as this is quite rare with most breakfast spots. I almost always have to go for a fish or vegetarian option instead. The American-style pancakes were so fluffy and light, as were the scrambled eggs. Ackee & Saltfish includes fried plantain, fried dumplings, seasoned house baked beans and scrambled eggs. The ackee & saltfish was cooked to perfection. Not too salty or oily, both of which are common mistakes with this dish. The dumplings and plantain were also fried excellently. Slightly crispy on the outside but soft in the middle.

the works
ackee and saltfish


I can honestly say that everything about the food I tasted was spectacular. The food was served hot, the portion size was generous and my interaction with Break The Fast London was very pleasant. If you're after a fresh, hearty and healthy breakfast or brunch meal, this is definitely a place that should be on your bucket list. I must warn you though - the food sells out very fast so if you do decide to order be quick.

I've also been informed by Break The Fast London that they will be announcing a weekly pop up very soon so keep an eye out for this. I've placed their Instagram and website links at the top of this review. 

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